Transitions Bundle

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Plastic Visual ASD Reward Chart (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

These reward charts are ideal for promoting positive behaviour, and motivating the individual into wanting to behave more appropriately. They are ideal for use both at home and in school, and can be further customised with our Expansion Packs.

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Plastic Visual ASD Countdown Keyring

A simple keyring to teach about and encourage appropriate behaviour, having both a countdown from 5 through to 1 and then finished, and also three coloured traffic light symbols. Its portable nature means that it is ideal to take out and about to help avoid and solve problems whilst on the move.

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This great bundle of two of our most popular products makes a great addition to the Now Next Later board, or alternatively they can just be used on their own instead.

The countdown keyring is perfect to warn the person about an upcoming transition, and contains two systems depending on the level of understanding. For those that understand numbers, there is a visual countdown from 5 down to 1.  For those that aren't comfortable with numbers yet, a simple traffic light system can be used. In either case, at the end of the countdown the finished symbol can be shown to indicate that the current activity should cease.

The 5 star reward chart is brilliant for reinforcing a positive transition. It comes with 12 pre-printed reward symbols, so the person can choose their own reward, providing further motivation to continue their good progress.

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Plastic Visual ASD Reward Chart (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)


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