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Here at ASD, we understand. We have our own autistic son, as well as having over 20 years hands on professional experience working with those on the spectrum. We understand the challenges that daily life can bring, and have developed our range of visual aids and educational products based on our experiences. We believe that progress can only be made when everyone works together, in the best way for the individual concerned.

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Our clear, visual symbols convey necessary information in an easy to understand manner, helping to aid communication.


With years of both personal and professional experience, we know that these products work.


We work hard to make our range great value for money. All products are made from plastic for extreme durability.

Autism Blog

Why not have a look through our autism blog? With plenty of articles, covering topics from diagnosing to therapies, from possible causes to stories about autism in the news, there’s sure to be something you find interesting.

Is autism different for girls?

Current research seems to indicate that autism can present very differently in girls than it does in boys. This could explain why the current rate of diagnosis for girls is so much lower than for boys - doctors are using the diagnostic criteria developed to detect...

Regression – actually a step forward?

Something that most of us have dealt with at some point is the subject of regression. Our child develops a new skill, triggering feelings of pride and hope, only to apparently 'lose' a skill they have had for some time. This, far from being a step backward, could be...

Possible stem cell therapy for autism

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, have investigated a series of mutations within the brain that have been commonly linked to some forms of autism. They have looked in detail at when, and where, these mutations within the...

Autistic boy kept home during Ofsted Inspection

A school in Wiltshire is reported to have asked the parents of an autistic boy to keep him at home during a recent Ofsted inspection, suggesting that he take an ‘authorised absence’.

Medical use of marijuana in ASD

Recent medical developments have suggested that the medical use of marijuana can be beneficial for many conditions. There have been some publications extending this use to children and adolescents with ASD. A new study looks at the evidence for an against in more detail.