Plastic Visual ASD Traffic Light Behaviour Board (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

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This A4 board are based on the traffic light principle, and are invaluable tools when trying to motivate an individual to modify their behaviour appropriately.

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This board is a simple A4 board, using a basic traffic light system to alert the individual as to when their behaviour is becoming unacceptable. They are placed on a series of colour warnings (green through to red) according to their behaviour at that time. This helps to teach consequences to behaviour, as the individual learns to associate a series of outcomes with being on each colour warning.
This board is a way of explaining to the individual the expectations of them, and for them to start to take responsibility for modifying their behaviour appropriately. This is something that someone with ASD can sometimes struggle to do, and this board is a useful step in that journey.
Symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are large enough to easily see (we understand that people on the spectrum are visual learners), but still easy to handle.
This product, like all our products, was inspired by some of the experiences and difficulties we have gone through in raising our own autistic son over the years, and includes strategies that have helped him cope with some of the challenges that life can bring.

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