Plastic Visual ASD Interactive Behaviour Board (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

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This is one of our most popular behaviour boards, which comes with 27 symbols. It is great both in the classroom and at home.

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This simple board reinforces what is, and is not, acceptable behaviour. It is adaptable to the individual's needs, as it comes with 17 different behaviour cards included. (Need more? Why not purchase our blank 24 symbol expansion pack to really personalise your board?) It also comes with 5 ticks and 5 crosses, so a whopping 27 symbols in total. It can also be used with your existing PCS/PECs image library. It serves as a visual reference for the individual, without the need for constant verbal intervention, and also works well as an interactive learning tool to teach about appropriate behaviour.
The use of positive behaviours on the chart as well as negatives helps with positive reinforcement, and means that behaviour rules are not reduced to a series of restrictions on what the individual can do. This is something that can cause anxieties and behaviours.
This board is great to teach the individual about the expectations of them, and for taking responsibility for modifying their own behaviour. This is something that people with ASD can sometimes struggle with, and this board is a great first step in that journey.
Symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are easy to see and use (we understand that people on the spectrum are visual learners), but are still small enough to be easy to handle.