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A3 Plastic Visual ASD Weekly Planner (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

From: £19.78 £12.99 Excluding VAT

One of our most popular products, our Weekly Planner is a great visual aid for a wide range of people, from school children to adults. It ships with 24 symbols, but you can easily extend its use with one of our great value expansion packs.


Christmas Expansion Pack

Help survive the festive season with this great 24 pack of Christmas and New Year themed symbols.

£6.79 £0.00 Excluding VAT

School Holidays Expansion Pack – optional

A pack of 24 symbols covering many different activities, along with extra home and respite symbols. Perfect for the school holidays!

24 Blank Symbols – optional

The ultimate add on to make your purchase super flexible. These symbols are plastic so super durable, but can be drawn on using a regular felt tip pen.

Hobbies Expansion Pack – optional

Suitable for adults and children alike, these 24 symbols add a range of hobbies and leisure activities to make your Weekly Planner more flexible.

Medical/Therapies Expansion Pack – optional

Perfect for those attending multiple appointments, this pack has 24 symbols covering a wide range of medical professionals and therapies.

Special People Expansion Pack – optional

Perfect for all children who see a range of special people, this set of 24 symbols is especially suitable for children travelling between Mum's house and Dad's house.

Adult Expansion Pack – optional

A pack of 24 symbols tailoring the board more towards adults. Perfect for use in a supported living setting.

Household Chores Expansion Pack – optional

A pack of 24 symbols containing household chores. Perfect for adults in a supported living setting.

School Timetable Expansion Pack – optional

Perfect to turn your Weekly Planner into a visual school timetable. It contains 24 symbols covering all the standard core curriculum subjects with multiples where appropriate.

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A simple A3 weekly schedule, with one column for each day. This board allows the user to easily see their week ahead in a clear visual format, and can reduce anxieties and stress.
It comes with a collection of 12 different symbols for common weekly activities, with additional symbols for school, home, and respite – a total of 24 symbols. Symbols include: home x 4, school x 5, respite x 3, doctor, dentist, shop, sports, swim, party, family, friend, hospital, clean room, cinema, surprise.
This is the first step in the individual planning their own week, and starting to think about the longer term rather than just the ‘here and now’. It can also reduce anxieties and stress if the individual can easily see what they will be doing on any given day in a clear visual format.
This board is a vital first step towards achieving independence.
Symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are large enough to see (we understand that people with autism are visual learners), but still easy to handle and use.