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Plastic Visual ASD Snacks Choice Board (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

From: £8.97 Excluding VAT

This simple board is ideal to encourage the individual to make a choice about what they would like to eat as a snack or to drink. Although this is a small choice, it can feel very significant to the individual to be able to make a choice and influence an aspect of their day to day life.

It is not only useful to non-verbal individuals, but also for early years and toddlers that cannot reliably talk.

The board is printed on plastic, and comes with 15 4.5cm pre-printed snack and drink symbols. To offer greater flexibility of the choices offered, why not buy our blank expansion pack too?

24 Blank Symbols – optional

Why not offer personalised choices, using our blank symbol expansion pack? Each symbols is made from plastic so is still highly durable, but can be drawn on with a regular felt tip pen to offer the ultimate in flexibility and endless options.

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This simple A4 board is ideal for encouraging the individual to make a choice as to what they would like to eat as a snack or to drink.

There are 8 common snack symbols, including healthy options, plus a range of drink options, a total of 15 different options.

This can also be used in conjunction with your existing PECs library.

All symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are large enough to be easily seen, but still sufficiently small to be easy to handle.

The board and symbols are all printed on highly durable plastic, so ideal to hygienically clean and wash.



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