A4 Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next Later Board (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

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This is a very popular board, which come with 32 activity symbols. It is great both in the classroom and at home.


Christmas and New Year

A great expansion pack to extend the use of your Now Next Later board to make it a fantastic tool to help get through the festive period.

24 Blank Symbols

The ultimate in customisation - these 24 blank plastic symbols are easy to draw on (use a regular felt tip pen), but are made from plastic so are very durable.

School Timetable/Activities pack

Great for using the Now Next Later in school, this pack contains 24 lesson and school activity symbols.

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A very simple timetabling schedule, designed to make transitions from one activity to another easier for the individual to cope with. If someone knows what to expect, it allows them a sense of understanding and self determination which can in turn reduce stress, anxiety, and resultant behaviours.
This A4 board has space for the current activity (Now), the following activity (Next), and an activity that will be taking place at some point later that day (Later).
It comes with 32 commonly used activity symbols, suitable for both home and school.
If you want to use this within a classroom environment, why not add our Schools expansion pack so that the board can be tailored more to a school environment.
To further personalise and customise your board, you can also add a blank symbol expansion pack.

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Now Next, Now, Next Later