Plastic Visual ASD Morning Routine (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

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One of our most popular products, this PECs Morning Routine helps with getting out in the morning. We understand that this can often be a very difficult and stressful time for everyone involved, and this board helps to structure the morning and get everyone out of the house on time.

24 Symbol Expansion Pack

This 24 pack of pre printed plastic symbols really expands on what you can put on your morning routine, and offers a much greater choice. It also makes the board much more suitable for adults.

24 Blank Symbols

Giving the ultimate freedom to really customise your Morning Routine, these 24 plastic symbols can easily written and drawn on using regular felt tip pens.

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A simple timetabling schedule to make morning routines easier to cope with. If the individual becomes familiar with what to expect, and can view activities for themselves rather than relying on those around them, it allows them a sense of understanding and self determination which can reduce stress.
The timetable board has space for up to 5 symbols, and comes with 12 commonly used symbols to describe morning activities for both male and females. This board can also be used with your existing PECS symbols.
Symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are they are large enough to easily see (we understand that people with autism are visual learners), but still easy to handle.
This board is often sold with its partner, the Evening Routine.