Activity Choice Board: COVID-19 Deal

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This simple board is ideal to encourage the individual to make a choice about what they would like to do in terms of an activity.

It ships with 15 pre-printed activity symbols, but because we know times are tough at the moment, we are offering a FREE activity choice expansion pack with every purchase – full of activities that can be done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board is printed on plastic,meaning it is completely waterproof. Simply wash it with soap and water to keep it hygienically clean (perfect for the current situation!)

Indoor Activity Choice Expansion Pack

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24 Blank Symbols – optional

Why not personalise your board further and offer customised choices? This pack of 24 blanks can easily be written or drawn on in order to fully personalise the choices being offered.

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This simple A4 board is ideal for encouraging the individual to make a choice as to what they would like to do for an indoor activity. It ships with 15 common indoor and outdoor activities, but we are currently running an offer - we are giving away a FREE Expansion Pack with lots of activities that are suitable for use during the COVID-19 restrictions. This can also be used in conjunction with your existing PECs library. All symbols are 4.5cm square, meaning that they are large enough to be easily seen, but still sufficiently small to be easy to handle. The board and symbols are all printed on highly durable plastic, so will last a lot longer than visuals made simply out of laminated paper/card. They are also waterproof, so can be washed with soap and water to keep them hygienically clean - particularly important at the moment!


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