A4 Plastic Visual ASD Day Planner (Picture Communication Symbols -PCS)

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This is a very popular board, which comes with 5 places, 7 days of the week, and 11 common object symbols. It comes ready to use, like all our products, and is a great resource in encouraging independence.

Plastic Visual ASD Day planner Expansion Pack (24 Symbols)

The perfect way to extend the use of your Day Planner. The symbols include a wide range of symbols covering overnight stays as well as participation in activities such as sports and swimming.

If you are disabled, or purchasing this on behalf of someone who is, you can buy this and pay 0% VAT. Please enter your details in the box during the checkout process.

24 Blank Symbols

The ultimate way to customise your board - these symbols can be easily drawn on using a regular felt tip pen, but retain all the durability of plastic.

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This A4 board helps the individual to link the day of the week to where they will be spending it (school, home, respite, family, friend), and then what they will need to take with them for the day.
Individuals can select the day, where they will spend it, and then choose the items that they will need to take with them for the day. They then attach these symbols to the sentence strip at the bottom of the board. This is detachable, and the individual can take it round the house with them as they pack their bag.
Symbols are 4.5cm square, so they are large enough to easily see(we understand that people on the spectrum are visual learners), but still easy to follow.
The board comes with 23 symbols, which cover the most common symbols that would be needed. However, if you find you want to expand on the uses of the board, why not add one of our great value expansion packs to your cart?