Our Story

Here at ASD, we understand. We have our own autistic son, as well as having over 20 years hands on professional experience working with those on the spectrum.  We were concerned at the quality and availability of available resources, which were often limited to cheap laminated paper that tended to fall apart with use. We understand the challenges that daily life can bring, and believe that progress can only be made when everyone works together, in the best way for the individual concerned. We have developed our range of visual aids and educational products based on our experiences and those of our customers. Our resources are all printed directly onto plastic, meaning they are super durable, and will last the duration.

Order Online

Our entire range is available online, please browse our shop to see our complete range.

Forward Thinking

Our forward thinking approach to products means that you are sure to find something that works.

Problem Solvers

All of our products have been designed to solve a specific real-world issue, they have all been inspired by our own experiences in raising our autistic son.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions – we love to hear from our customers.